Too busy having fun!

Firstly apologies for no blog after the Valencia GP.

I was going to write one, but then I tried to put pen to paper, well actually bash a few keys on my laptop, and I just couldn`t think of anything to write about, never mind anything that anyone would want to read!
It wasn`t just that Valencia was a dullfest, after the great races that we have had his year. But I was busy doing so many other things that were far more interesting.

To begin with there was the San Juan Festival, which has become fairly legendary amongst F1 paddock folk. I wrote all about this last year, so won`t bore you with the details, but basically a few hundred thousand people, semi-naked on a beach, partying like only the Spanish know how to party, seems to make a dull race around some disused warehouses seem a little irrelevant.

I then had a fun little road trip from Valencia to Monaco. Bruno Senna was taking delivery of his new company car, a Lotus Evora. So it seemed only sensible to hand deliver his new car before heading up into the hills above Monaco to take a few photos. I tell you, I soon forgot about the Valencia GP after spending a few hours in the hands of Mr Senna and his new toy.

My other gripe with Valencia is the fact that it seems to always clash with the highlight of my non-F1 year, Glastonbury Festival. So as to get my festival hit for 2011, myself and fellow F1 photographer colleagues headed to the much more civilised and classy Hop Farm Festival to spend the weekend sitting in the sun whilst being entertained by such artists as The Eagles, Iggy Pop and Prince.

And so, onto Silverstone. I was going to write about the new Silverstone Circuit, but I believe others have made their views fairly clear this week.
So instead I'm going to write about the other thing that is getting on my nerves this week: Lewis Hamilton.

Much has been written about Lewis` visit to meet Christian Horner in the paddock at the Canadian GP.

The story goes a little like this:
Lewis walks into the Red Bull hospitality and asks a catering girl if Christian Horner is around?
Catering Girl to Christian Horner: Um, Lewis is here to see you.
Christian Horner: Lewis Who?
CG: Lewis Hamilton
CH: What the fuck does he want?
CG: I dunno, a job maybe?

Quite why Lewis thinks it`s acceptable to go and visit a rival team boss in full view of his current employers is quite frankly unbelievable.
Can you imagine in your job, whilst you are being paid by your employers, and whilst you are at the office, you just stroll out, walk down the road to your direct competitors and then ask for a meeting with the CEO to discuss a new role?
You would be fired.

Lewis hasn`t exactly kept the competition, on the track, that clean cut either. Yes, we want to watch drivers racing. We want drivers to challenge for victory, but to simply barge and smash your way past isn`t racing, it`s dodgems. Even 7 times World Champion Michael Schumacher is being punished for his smash and barge technique.

Having watched Sebastian Vettel make his debut appearance on the infamous Top Gear TV programme this week, I suggest Lewis maybe takes a look. Charisma personified, with a relaxed, informal, modest manner.

That is why he has a job at Red Bull, and that is why he will stay at Red Bull.