2011 is over already

I hate to spoil the surprise, but Seb Vettel is going to be the 2011 F1 World Champion.

How do I know this? Well it`s simple, he is driving the best car out there.

I know it`s not quite as simple as that but heck, I am fairly damn sure! I suppose to be sure we will still have to make sure the next 18 races go ahead, and I suppose there may occasionally be a different winner if Seb is ill, or gets bored, or simply can`t be bothered to turn up one Sunday. But I doubt it.

I know what you will be saying by now. `What about Mark, Jenson or Lewis? Or surely Fernando could win the Championship?`
Well yes true he could, but he won`t. You see Adrian Newey has designed such a good car that even with 20 pasta-munching Italian `Newey Wanna-be`s` they simply will not have a car as good as this years Red Bull RB7.

Massa, I hear you cry.
No chance. He will be forgotten by all this year except his wife and family.

Which brings us to Jenson and Lewis. Now they seem to have turned a fairly bad winter around and do now seem to have a car that is fairly nippy, but as Lewis and Jenson are seen as equals in the team they will keep taking points off each other every Sunday and therefore will not win the Championship. Plus, Lewis will be far too busy pruning his ridiculous beard or hanging out with Jay-Z to worry about winning this year.

What about 7 time Champion Michael Schumacher? Well he seems to have dropped the ball a bit since coming back to join us.

Well, Nico Rosberg`s nickname amongst the drivers is Britney (as in Spears) and we all know what happens when someone writes Britney off as a talentless tart.
She suddenly gets married in Vegas and shaves off all her hair. Oh hang on that analogy doesn`t work, but you get the idea. Nico will yet again dominate the Schu but not win much.

Renault look fairly good, but do you really think Robert Kubica is going to let Vitaly strut around lapping up all the glory for long? I`m sure the minute Robert is ready to jump in a car he will be back, but by then Seb will have most of the points and the championship will be over for Renault.

Which brings us to the only other person that is in with any sort of chance of challenging Seb for victories, Mark Webber.
But sadly the painted number on the nose of their respective cars gives some simple indication to the team management as to the level of the driver status.
I would love to see Mark do it, but unfortunately I think there is more chance of a tank race in Bahrain, than Mark winning the 2011 Championship.

We may as well give Seb the trophy now.